My heart check-up

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Nine-year-old Hussain has had three operations at Birmingham Children's Hospital for a heart condition. Today, he's back at the hospital to ensure his treatment is on track. His mum and dad talk about what they think of the care he's receiving.

Hussain has been coming back to the hospital every three months since his last operation. Members of staff have worked hard to make sure that he's happy to have the weight checks, heart rhythm tests and echo procedures without being anxious.

He used to cry before coming to hospital appointments, but now Hussain is happy and smiling when he visits.

His mum and dad say that the team on the cardiac ward is really helpful and explains everything well so that Hussain understands what the tests are and why he has to have them.

His consultant uses everyday language and will repeat things so that Hussain completely understands.

After the tests, the news is that everything is going so well that Hussain doesn't have to come back for another six months.

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