Callum's story: Part 1

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Callum is six and has already had 34 operations at Birmingham Children's Hospital on his skull because the bones had fused too quickly.

Callum was born in Coventry. His mum and dad knew something was wrong straight away.

He was born with breathing difficulties and with a rare craniofacial condition which meant his brain didn't have enough room to grow and his face didn't grow properly. So the operations were carried out to help his head get bigger so that his brain could get bigger normally too.

We meet Callum and his mum and dad to find out how he's getting on while he visits the hospital for a check-up.

While he's at the hospital, Callum plays in the outdoor playground before seeing his doctor to check on how things are going. Mum and Dad say that he's really happy when visiting the hospital and is making very good progress.


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