Callum's Story: Part 2

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Callum has had 34 operations for a rare craniofacial condition called Pfeiffer syndrome. Today, he's back at the hospital for one of his many check-ups to ensure his treatment is on track.

Callum really enjoys coming to Birmingham Children's Hospital. He knows everyone on the ward and takes part in lots of activities. His mum says he feels like he's going on holiday! He's not frightened by the treatments he's having to help his condition, which are designed to give his head more room for his brain to grow into.

Screws are attached to Callum's skull at the side of his head and they are turned to push the plates of his skull backwards, making his head slowly bigger to take the pressure off his brain.

The hospital is one of the few centres that do this treatment and it actually developed the treatment here in Birmingham.

His doctor says Callum is one of life's survivors and he is being helped by his amazing parents. Mum and Dad say that they've seen a massive change in Callum since he's had the operations.

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