Daisy's story

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Daisy is seven years old and has recently had surgery to correct a craniofacial condition called Crouzon syndrome. We meet Daisy and her family at home to find that she's recovering well from her operation.

Daisy is an independent, loving and helpful girl. She's very close to her brother William. The condition she has means the bones of her skull grow in a way that puts pressure on her brain. Her head didn't grow enough to give her brain the space it needed, so her operation was done to give it more space.

It was quite a major operation, using a technique specially developed at Birmingham Children's Hospital to remove the back of the skull.

Her mum and dad are very pleased with the results and the way the hospital helped Daisy and them understand the condition, removing the fear of what was in store.

Daisy's a complete star, according to her mum. The operation has made her more confident and she's doing really well at school.


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