Tasheque has an EEG

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Tasheque is five, and she's come to the Neurophysiology Department of Birmingham Children's Hospital with her mum for an EEG, or electroencephalogram, to check her brain function.

Tasheque needs some tests on her brain to see whether it is working properly because sometimes her movements are a bit twitchy.

She's already had one test looking at the connection between her brain and her eyes. Now she's having a lot of electrodes put on to her head and her arms to see if her jerky movements are caused by something wrong in the way her brain makes her muscles work.

She has one set of tests when she's awake, and then they are done again when she's asleep.

Tasheque and her mum were a little bit worried at first but the team at the hospital quickly made them feel at home and happy and relaxed for the tests.



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