YPAG stands for Young Persons' Advisory Group and its main aim is "getting involved and making a difference" at Birmingham Children's Hospital.

The group was launched in January 2010 and has been meeting regularly since then for a mixture of hard work and fun.

YPAG keeps in regular contact with more than 50 young people via email and text.

What is YPAG?

A group of young people who:

  • have a passion about healthcare for children and young people 
  • want the opportunity to express their views
  • make changes in their local health service
  • take responsibility for decisions that affect the way health services are designed and delivered at the hospital

Who can join?

Anyone who is aged 11 – 19, has an interest in the hospital and is willing to dedicate time:

  • Patients or ex-patients
  • Representatives from local young people's health groups
  • Representatives from local young people's youth groups
  • Anyone who lives in the West Midlands
  • A Birmingham Children's Hospital foundation trust member

When does YPAG meet?

  • There are four main meetings a year, usually on a Saturday, 12-2pm
  • Monthly sub-meetings, usually on a weekday, 5-7pm
  • Other meetings in between for special events and outings

What has YPAG done so far?

  • Delivered presentations
  • Interviewed staff
  • Carried out inspections and evaluations
  • Carried out assessments – "youth-proofed" documents/information
  • Carried out consultations
  • Taken part in a health participation event
  • Taken part in awareness-raising events
  • Secured funding for YPAG T-shirts and badges 
  • Helped out at fundraising events

What's in it for you?

  • Personal reward – see a change from your involvement
  • Meeting other young people
  • Learn new skills
  • Great addition to a job/college application
  • Enhance your personal statement or UCAS application
  • Accreditation – BYS, "V" involved
  • Thank you rewards such as pizza and concerts

What do I do if I want to join or find out more?

Please contact: Janette Vyse, Lead Nurse for Patient Experience, on 0121 333 8619 or Janette.vyse@bch.nhs.uk  or

Dave Baker, Senior Youth Worker, on 07747 027436 or david.baker@bch.nhs.uk

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