People A-Z

  • Adam Field

    Senior Graphic Designer

  • Clare Firkins

    Staff Nurse

  • Beth Fitzpatrick

    Senior Speech Therapist

  • Robert Foster


  • Dr Patricia Fox

    Paediatric Clinical Neuropsychologist

    When you come to the hospital because of your epilepsy, you will meet a few people, including a psychologist. This person will talk to your mum and dad or carer about your epilepsy, your behaviour, things you like doing and how well you are doing at school. The psychologist will ask you questions as well about these things. We will then do some pencil and paper type puzzles, quizzes and memory tests. We may also want to talk to your teacher about your schoolwork. If you do have surgery, we will see you again one year later to see how well you are getting on, and will repeat the same puzzles and quizzes again. We will also be interested in hearing how you feel things have changed after your surgery.

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