People A-Z

  • Dr Saikat Santra

    Consultant in IMD

  • Dr Barney Scholefield

    Consultant Paediatric Intensivist & Honorary Senior Research Fellow, Operational Lead for PICU Research PICU Lead for Trauma, Burns & Neuro-critical care

    Barney works as a consultant in the paediatric intensive care unit caring for critically ill children within Birmingham Children’s Hospital. He works with a large team of doctors, nurses, physios, pharmacists and other important support staff to care for children requiring medical support after serious illness or operations.

    He is also very involved in research and leads clinical research studies within the intensive care at Birmingham and around the UK to help answer important questions about how we can protect children’s brains after suffering injury, particularly after cardiac arrest.

  • Emma Scobie

    Senior Specialist Speech and Language Therapist

    Emma works with the Craniofacial and Inherited Metabolic Disorders teams. She is here to check that your speech, language, eating and drinking are all coming along ok. You might see Emma when you come to outpatients to see your Consultant or you might sometimes see her up on the wards, but you can contact her anytime if you have any questions or worries.

  • Valerie Seabright

    Partner Governor

  • Professor Stefano Seri MD, FRCP

    Consultant and Professor of Clinical Neurophysiology and Developmental Neuropsychiatry

  • Mr Ian Sharp

    Clinical Lead and Maxillofacial Surgeon

  • Dr Nick Shaw

    Consultant Paediatric Endocrinologist

  • Sarah Sheppard

    Theatre Education Practitioner

  • Chris Sherlock

    Speech and Language Therapist

    Chris is a Speech and Language Therapist who works with children and babies with eating, drinking and communication needs. Chris has a special interest in children who  find it very hard to learn to talk and may need  to use signing and symbols (pictures) and spelling to help them get their message across, this is called Augmentative and Alternative communication. On the other four days  of the working week Chris works for a team who concentrate on children and adults who need to use communication aids because of how hard they find it to talk, this is also Augmentative and Alternative Communication. 

  • Michael Singh

    Consultant Paediatric Surgeon

    Mike specialises in the surgical management of children with upper gastrointestinal problems. He also specializes in children’s thoracic surgery. He is part of the thoracic surgical team and has a specialist clinic for thoracic surgical conditions (congenital lung cysts, pectus excavatum and pectus carinatum).

  • Adam Slater

    Clinical Trials Coordinator

    I work in the Research department managing research that looks to find new or better treatments for children and teenagers with a range of different cancers. Making sure that our research is safe and runs smoothly. I can mostly be found in the Institute for Child health but also spend time on Ward 15 and in the Oncology outpatients department.

  • Rona Slator

    Consultant Plastic Surgeon

  • Professor Judith Smith

    Non-executive Director

  • Mr Giampiero Soccorso

    Consultant Paediatric Surgeon

    Giampiero Soccorso is a consultant paediatric surgeon with a special interest in upper GI and thoracic minimally invasive surgery, neonatal surgery, vascular access, and prenatal counselling.

  • Surinder Sohpal

    Department Secretary

  • Louise Spencer

    Staff Nurse

  • Benjamin Stanhope

    Consultant in Emergency Medicine

  • Rachel Stephens

    Junior Sister

  • Carrie Stokes

    Junior Sister

  • Gillian Stokes

    Junior Sister/Team Leader in Heart Outpatients

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