People A-Z

  • Consultant Paediatric Neuro-Oncologist

  • Mark Bridgens

    Cleft Clinic Coordinator

  • Michelle Jones

    Lead Cleft Nurse Specialist

  • Catherine O’Brien

    Consultant paediatric nephrologist

  • Dr Shakti Agrawal

    Consultant Paediatric Neurologist, Clinical Lead for Neurology

    One of the first people that you may meet on your Epilepsy Surgery pathway will be Dr Shakti Agrawal. He is one of our Consultant Neurologists with an expertise and interest in complex epilepsy and epilepsy surgery. 

  • Suren Arul

    Consultant Paediatric Surgeon

    Suren Arul was appointed as a consultant surgeon at Birmingham Children's Hospital in 2004 and is presently clinical lead for the department of Paediatric Surgery and Urology.  He was trained in Bristol, Oxford, Birmingham and Melbourne (Australia). His special interests include surgical oncology (tumour and cancer surgery), major trauma, laparoscopy (keyhole surgery) and vascular access (i.e. the insertion of central venous lines and vascuports.

  • Yvonne Babb

    Clinical Educator

  • David Baker

    Senior Youth Worker

  • Gemma Baker

    Lead Senior Clinical Photographer

  • Nick Ball


  • Melanie Barnes

    Staff Nurse

  • Professor Timothy Barrett

    Honorary Consultant Paediatric Endocrinology and Diabetes (also Leonard Parsons Professor of Paediatrics, University of Birmingham)

  • David Barron

    Senior Cardiac Surgeon

    I am one of four heart surgeons at Birmingham Children’s Hospital, which is one of the biggest centres for children with heart problems in the United Kingdom.  Over a third of our patients are new-born babies and another third are under one year of age. In Birmingham we are well known throughout the world for the surgery we do in some of  the most complicated and high-risk types  of heart problem. Children and babies with these problems are sent to us from all over the UK and from elsewhere in the world to have their surgery at BCH.

    I do a lot of work with the Royal College of Surgeons to develop training programmes  for the surgeons of the future, and work with the Department of Health to improve the standards and quality of children’s heart services in the UK.

    I also operate on patients born with congenital heart disease who are now adults, many of whom have already had surgery when they were children. We do these operations at the University Hospital Birmingham where we work with our own team of specialists.

  • Dr Sue Beath

    Consultant Paediatric Hepatologist

  • Peter Bill

    Head of Neurophysiology

    I'm Peter, the head of Neurophysiology team. My team is responsible for performing your EEG investigations and Video Telemetry.  

  • Professor Ian Blair

    Partner Governor

  • Dr Claire Bowen

    Consultant Paediatric Histopathologist and Clinical Lead for Histopathology

    Claire is a Consultant Paediatric Histopathologist and Clinical Lead for our Histopathology service.

  • Ann Brennan

    Health Care Assistant

  • Ebony Brotherson

    Dental Nurse

  • Hilary Brown

    Partner Governor

  • Donna Bryant

    Staff nurse

  • Sarah Bundy

    Family Liaison Sister for PICU

  • Julie Burley

    Clinical Support Worker

  • Stephanie Butts

    Staff Nurse

  • Louise Cafferky

    Senior Speech Therapist

  • Jackie Campbell

    Nursery Nurse and Clinical Support Worker

  • Siobhan Carter

    Junior Sister

  • Susanna Carter

    Specialist Speech and Language Therapist

    Susanna works with children with craniofacial conditions and their families. Patients meet her at their craniofacial clinic appointment with the doctors, or theyu might come to the Speech and Language Therapy Department and see her for an assessment. This is Susanna's favourite part of her job as she gets to play games and do activities with children and young people to find out how you are getting on with their speech and language skills. She is also here to answer any questions families might have about your communication.

  • Vicky Carter

    Staff Nurse

  • Ms Angela Casey

    Clinical Nurse Specialist in Endocrinology

  • Mr Harish Chandran

    Consultant Paediatric Urology Surgeon

    Appointed in 2001 as a consultant urology, Mr Chandran trained in Melbourne Children’s Hospital, Australia and the Starship Hospital, Aukland, New Zealand. He was one of the pioneers in this country of keyhole surgery for the treatment of children’s urological conditions, in particular nephrectomy, heminephrectomy and pyloplasty.

  • Victoria Clark

    Consultant Paediatric Dentist

  • Iona Clayton

    Public Governor

  • Yvonne Cohen

    Ward Clerk

  • Bernie Concannon

    Lead Epilepsy Nurse Specialist

    I work with children who have epilepsy and their parents to help you understand what the doctor has said and to explain what the medicines are for.

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