People A-Z

  • Julie Cossey

    Ward Manager

  • Steve Cossey

    Advanced Nurse Practitioner

  • Helen Costello

    Senior Hospital Play Specialist

  • Philip Crombie


  • Amanda Daniels

    Advanced Nurse Practitioner

  • Diane Danks

    Ward Administrator

  • Kathryn Darby


  • Sarah Davies

    Junior Sister

  • Lyne Deborah

    Burns Ward Manager

  • Pauline Dewick

    Heart Liaison Sister

  • Tim Edwards


  • Dr Martin English BMSc, MBChB, MD, FRCP(Glas), FRCPCH

    Consultant Paediatric Oncologist

  • Rachel Evans

    Senior Specialist Speech & Language Therapist

    Rachel's job is to help you with your eating, drinking and communication skills. If you are having difficulty with eating, drinking or talking she will come and visit you on the ward and work with you, your parents and the other people looking after you to help make things easier.

  • Ian Evans-Fisher


  • Rachel Evitts

    Staff Governor, Nursing

  • Adam Field

    Senior Graphic Designer

  • Clare Firkins

    Staff Nurse

  • Beth Fitzpatrick

    Senior Speech Therapist

  • Robert Foster


  • Dr Patricia Fox

    Paediatric Clinical Neuropsychologist

    When you come to the hospital because of your epilepsy, you will meet a few people, including a psychologist. This person will talk to your mum and dad or carer about your epilepsy, your behaviour, things you like doing and how well you are doing at school. The psychologist will ask you questions as well about these things. We will then do some pencil and paper type puzzles, quizzes and memory tests. We may also want to talk to your teacher about your schoolwork. If you do have surgery, we will see you again one year later to see how well you are getting on, and will repeat the same puzzles and quizzes again. We will also be interested in hearing how you feel things have changed after your surgery.

  • Dr Joanna Gach

    Consultant Dermatologist

    My full time professional job consists of  2 days work at BCH and 3 days at UHCW where I also look after adults with skin problems and undertake  skin surgery. I enjoy clinical research and teaching.  I have two  children and love travelling.

  • Fiona Gamston

    Renal Transplant Advanced Nurse Practitioner

  • Jan Gardner

    Ward Manager

  • Mr Oliver Gee

    Consultant Paediatric Surgeon

    Oli Gee has worked as a consultant paediatric surgeon at the Children’s Hospital since 2009.  He trained in Bristol and now specialises in laparoscopy and, together with Mr Soccorso manages most of the surgery of the spleen and the gallbladder for our department.  He runs a specialist surgical clinic with Mr Jester in lower GI problems which includes managing ano-rectal malformations, Hirschsprung’s disease, and inflammatory bowel disease.

  • Aleena Ghulamhusein


  • Tracey Glennon

    Lead Nurse in Pre-admission Team

  • Anne Grimbly

    Staff Nurse

  • Dr Girish Gupte

    Consultant Paediatric Hepatologist

    I am a specialist in looking after liver related problems in children. I am a member of a transplant team and manage children needing liver and/or intestinal transplantation.  You will see me in the liver outpatient clinic and on ward  8.  I believe in an holistic approach in looking after poorly children and the families.

    I like to spending time with my family and entertaining friends. I love eating all types of food but am one of those who can cook, but won’t cook!

  • Emma-Louise Hardean

    Staff Nurse

  • Elizabeth Harness

    Senior Audiologist (Cleft/databases)

    Elizabeth tests your hearing and ensures that your hearing aids fit and are working well. She works in the main outpatients department at BCH, and sometimes in clinics around Birmingham.

  • Carl Harris

    Staff Governor, Clinical

  • Stuart Hartshorn

    Consultant in Paediatric Emergency Medicine

  • Kath Hill

    Manager of the CLIC Sargent Team

  • Rachel Hill-Brown


    Rachel has been a Chaplain at Birmingham Children's Hospital since 2011. She loves her job because she gets to meet so many amazing children and young people. Part of her job is about thinking of activities to do with these children and young people, to help them feel valued and important for who they are.

  • Tina Hitchcocks

    Nursery Nurse

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